lunedì 14 agosto 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Unicorn Make Up ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection}

After tons and tons and tons of mermaid looks, about three weeks ago or so I decided it was time to make a unicorn make up - just for a change XD Nothing too crazy or graphical, I wanted it to be a very simple look - yet colourful and sparkly. I used a lot of shades from the Freedomination Collection by NABLA Cosmetics (my overview posts are here: part 1 and part 2) and quite some glittersssss XD

lunedì 7 agosto 2017

♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Alternative Mermaid Look ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection}

Happy mermaid Monday everyone! :D

Today's mermaid look is quite unique and definitely showy! I've seen something similar by two artists on Instagram (@makeupbyjanedoe and @azraelia) and, as usual, I decided to give this look a try! It was a great occasion to use some shadows from the new Freedomination Collection by NABLA Cosmetics which, as I've already said many times, gives mermaid vibes. (Here are my overview posts - part 1 and part 2 - about this beautiful collection!)

The thing I love the most is the original fin design - that feels partly mermaid, partly dragon, but also looks like its flowing weightlessly in the water *__* Like some of those fishes which have these huge, thin, ethereal, flow-y fins ♥

giovedì 3 agosto 2017

♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Ocean & Pearls ♕

Today's look is one of my fave I've recently done! I couldn't wait to show it to you :D
I think I adore it so much because it has everything I love: winged eyeliner, glitters, some of my favourite colours, it gives mermaid vibes and also features a technique I'm currently obsessed with. Keep reading to discover which one I'm talking about - although the pictures are quite self explanatory XD

domenica 30 luglio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Aurora Borealis 2.0 ♕

Let's get back on track with my pre-Freedomination looks - don't worry, more makeup featuring the new NABLA collection are coming up very soon, but meanwhile I need to catch up with the ones I made previously! (Although I'll be saving a couple of them for September!)

Today's look is quite elaborate (not gonna lie, it gave me a hard time) and it's inspired by an arm-makeup (aka eyelooks 100% designed on arms or hands) by Gabrielle Alexis ~ @gabxxrielle. Keep reading to see her original work!

lunedì 24 luglio 2017

♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Free as a Mermaid ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection}

Now that I've posted both part 1 and part 2 of my Freedomination overview, I can show you the looks I'm creating with this lovely collection. (Mind you, I have some previous looks I haven't posted yet, so I'll just alternate them in order to maintain my schedule!)

Today's look is inspired by MrDanielMakeUp (i.e. NABLA's art director), who created this makeup for the Freedomination Collection launch! I really loved the colour combination and I felt the urge to try it *__*
It gave me strong mermaid vibes (just likepart of the collection already did) so I named my version (which is slightly different from his) Free as a Mermaid. 
I think it fits, since mermaids represent, among other things, freedom (of life)... And this collection is all about freedom, right? ;D

venerdì 21 luglio 2017

♕ Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection Part 2: Eyeshadows & Liners ♕
{Overview, Swatches & Comparisons}

{Disclaimer: this post is an overview about a collection I got for free as press sample. I'd like to thank NABLA Cosmetics for the opportunity, anyway my evaluation policy doesn't change and is always based on real use and in-depth testing of the product(s)}

Last week NABLA Cosmetics, on time like every year, launched their summer collection: Freedomination, which is the biggest collection they ever released so far. 
It consists of 10 eyeshadows4 Diva Crime lipsticks (featuring a new, limited edition packaging), 2 Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks (introducing the new metal finish),  2 Dazzle Liners2 Blossom Blushes2 Shade&Glow (one highlighter and one bronzer) and two limited edition Liberty palettes.

After showing you lipsticks and face products (here), it's time to show you the eye products: all (well, almost all) the new eyeshadows and the eyeliners
Ready, set... splash!

lunedì 17 luglio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Sea Goddess ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection}

Here's my first look I've done using the new Freedomination collection by NABLA Cosmetics! I'm glad I finally get to show you some of the eyeshadows in action, and also get to tell you my first impressions!
I'm still working on part 2 of my collection overview - part 1 is here. I was supposed to spend yesterday's morning doing swatches and taking pics, but it rained. It poured down like crazy, so I couldn't shot one single picture -.-' Mind you, I love rain, just not when I need to take pictures for blogging reasons! ^^"

Anyway, back to today's makeup. The eyeshadows featured in here are Virgin Island, Blue Velvet, New Heaven. Special guests are Obsexed, used as inner corner highlighter, and the two new Dazzle Liners - Purity and Crystal.